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Wide Receivers

posted Feb 27, 2011 14:42:15 by
Julio Jones just ran a 4.43 do you think he could contend for the top overall receiver??? AJ green ran pretty well also and there are some other pretty quick guys? Your thoughts?
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avatar said Feb 27, 2011 15:01:56
Update: Julio Jones just ran an unofficial 4.39.... pretty nice!
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JohnHatelak said Feb 27, 2011 23:11:09
I thought it was an awesome competition between A.J. Green and Julio Jones. I do think that theres another sleeper out of Abilene Christian in Edmund Gates. He could be an even better prospect than Johnny Knox if he shows any toughness at all, although Knox was a much crisper route runner at the same stage of each others careers. The two sleeper WR's I hope my Bears get (at least one of them) are Greg Little and Vincent Brown. both guys are competitive and tough and run nice routes (especially Brown) and have very good hands. It looks like theres only two sure fire number ones in Green and Jones, but I like the depth as far as complimentary twos and possible future ones with a few years of development for this group of WR's. A nice looking crop. better than I originally thought as far as measurable's go.
avatar said Feb 28, 2011 01:59:16
All in all Julio Jones was the top rated Wide Receiver in the workouts. AJ Green also had a pretty good day so they are the clear favorites to be the first and 2nd receiver. Additionally Jon Baldwin put up goo numbers as well.
JohnHatelak said Feb 28, 2011 02:35:35
I hate Baldwins hands. He's way too inconsistent. Maybe if he's there 61st overall. But my guys are Vincent Brown and Greg Little as I've mentioned.
Lorena Palacio said Mar 02, 2011 08:11:04
...and Julio did it with a fractured foot! Although I love Vincent Brown there was another receiver in the WAC that had 225 catches (double the catches that Vincent caught), Greg Salas. Although not as fast as Brown, he simply has a knack for getting open. Reminds me a lot of Charlie Joiner who nobody would say was a speedster but still put up fantastic numbers. I can see the Chargers easily getting him with either of their 3rd round picks.
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JohnHatelak said Mar 02, 2011 09:01:57
Yeah I heard that! Tripped out! Imagine with a completely healthy foot. Wow! I think he's my number one over Green. They both look good on tape and Jones' measurable's are better. He's also thicker too. A better blocker as well which makes him a factor in the run game as well as the passing game. I think Greg Salas is more of a college WR. Brown to me looks like a pro receiver who fits in the Bears offense like a glove. Guess I'm looking at it from a Bears perspective since I'm a Bears fan. He fits what the Bears need to a tee. He's also not a burner as he clocked in a 4.66 40 at the combine. but I don't care. Jerry Rice had a 4.67 too. Everyone can have one bad 40 performance.
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