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The Lions first three picks, I have to disagree

posted Jan 10, 2011 04:42:36 by Brad Bazzett
Although I agree with your premise of drafting for a glaring need with this pick, the Lions as a franchise last drafted a corner in the first round when they took Terry Fair with the 20th pick, passing over some guy named Randy Moss who was taken with the next pick. However glaring the need, the Lions seem determined to ignore it, both in the draft and free agency. I like the 2nd round pick from the aspect that they have a long history of drafting underachieving homers from Michigan State. The other side of it is the franchise seems determined to giving the ILB job to the undersized kid they drafted out of Wisconsin in the third round a couple of years ago. Your third round pick of an OT is intruiging. Unfortunately, this is usually the point in the draft where the Lions go Al Davis and reach for a guy they could have gotten two rounds later. Also, Lions have real needs at Guard, OLB, and the Safety opposite Delmas, along with CB. If I were picking for the Lions, I'd probably go CB, OLB, G, CB, S, CB, and CB. Unfortunately, both our picks make too much sense. I'm just glad they haven't drafted a WR lately. I like all the work you put into this. Great site!
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Ed said Apr 15, 2011 17:27:32
No CB for the Lions in the first 4 rounds ? Unthinkable ! I would not be surprised at all if they drafted 2 CB's in the first 4 rounds.
JasonJohnson said Apr 23, 2011 03:56:12
I think the lions should go with DE Bowers for the 13th pick, i also think that the lions have a good team going 0-16 to 6-10 Bowers could help Suh out because teams will be like oh crap i also like how the lions have been making some good drafts, they can fill the CB needs and OT in the later rounds
avatar said Apr 23, 2011 12:52:09
Jason: I agree. I think if Bowers falls to them then he is definitely worth the chance!
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