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Indy Draft needs and Potential Draft picks.

posted Jan 10, 2011 22:39:10 by
I think the Colts need to improve their offensive line in the 2011 NFL Draft. I think Nate Solder and Gabe Carimi could be some top prospects they could look at.
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Kevin Stone said Jan 12, 2011 05:05:18
Im a die heart Colts fan I've been kind of upset with the last few NFL first round draft picks. The last few draft picks have been alright but I think we could have gotten better players than who we drafted. I think this year we need to shock alot of teams and GMs. Peyton is one of the best players ever, but he is getting up in age. He can still produce winning seasons, but for how long. I think in this up coming draft we should look towards future plans. If Peyton retires in a few years we dont want to be sh**t out of luck. So, for this draft I think we should go for a quarterback in the first round. It's this kid that Im sure you have heard of, he played football at Arkansas his name is Ryan Mallett, he is 6-7 and 235 pounds with a gun slinging arm. Alot of people think he is more NFL ready than any of the quarterback in the draft this year; that is, if Andrew Luck doesn't change his mind and enter the draft as well. Mallett is going to be the steal of the draft like Aaron Rodgers was the steal of the 2005 draft. I think it would be a good ideal to draft Mallet and let him sit under Peyton for a few years, then he would be able to learn from the best. he will be able to master the position of QB whenever he does start.
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 08:10:48
I really agree with you but its atleast 2 years too early to think about Peyton's replacement. We dont want another drafting of Tommy Maddox to replace Elway and then he played another 6 years and win 2 SuperBowls.

As far as this mock, I have 3 words... ABOUT FUC"ING TIME!!!
The last 2 drafts have been wastes! Donald Brown, garbage, Jerry Hughes...seriously?? He better start living with Freeney and Mathis if he wants to live up to that.

The only other pick I would be happy with would be Baldwin (this mock has him still available). I know I've said in another post that Baldwin will be the next Mike Williams or fat David Boston, but Manning will MAKE this kid work and improve.
MarkBarker said Jan 12, 2011 19:11:41
If we are lucky we will have a chance to draft a muscle bound freak up the middle at DT like Steve Paea he demands two blockers and with Freeney and Mathis on the end psitions the Colts would be a top 10 def for once. Adrian Clayborn of Iowa, Marvin Austin of UNC, or Drake Nevis are possibilities. I think we need some playmakers at db and Brandon Hogan of WVU or Johnny Patrick of Louisville would fill that void. We have to draft a guard and that can easily be handled in the 2nd or 3rd round. In the 4th rd or even 5th rd there will be alot of WR's with speed available and theres a guy named Austin Pettis from Boise State that could be the pick. Everybody knows were going to draft a safety so lets look at Joe Lefeged from Rutgers hes a bad ass hitter whoi can return kicks very well.
MarkBarker said Jan 12, 2011 19:17:17
There is 3 things we have to solidify to have a chance at playinbg a SB in Indy!!! 1. Our def line must have enough bulk and muscle to stop the run see(SD game,Jets Game). 2. Our Guards must be able to prevent a hole in our blocking wall. 3. We must fortify our backfield with young speed at the same time draft guys who can contribute to Special Teams(kick returns). Brandon Hogan of WVU and Joe Lefeged would do that lets fucking draft both of them guys. And lets make sure Devon Moore comes back we need the competition.
avatar said Jan 13, 2011 00:13:19
I agree that defensive line (especially interior). I like the guys you named such as Paea, Nevis, and Austin. However, this year was plagued with injuries and mostly by the offensive line. Peyton had multiple games with multiple interceptions and for the most part it was due to his offensive line. I think they need to either get a strong OT in the first round or a top tier Guard like Mike Pouncey.... your thoughts?
kvn32958 said Jan 13, 2011 03:47:24
Looking at the roster right now, it amazes me that for as good as a team they are, they have more holes than the Cowboys. They need O-line, WR(espically if Collie retires from the 35 concussions this past year), stout DT, solid and aggressive tackling LBs, ball hawking safty, and a RB who can actually get more than 3 yards a carry.

couple other random thoughts:
-Anyone else notice that the past couple/few seasons that we dont run the stapled stretch play like we use to?
-I called it last off season when everyone was boasting about how healthy big Bob was, that he should be traded while he is worth SOMETHING and before he was put on IR AGAIN, and go after Michael Huff while he could be got cheap because even though he had not shown much yet, he was due to have a nice season.... both happened
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