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With the 9th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Cowboys select

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:05:13 by
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kvn32958 said Jan 13, 2011 04:02:19
With JJ having a hard on for big named star Razorbacks paired with Kitna played better than Romo, I wouldnt put it past him to trade Romo(to the Titans maybe?) and draft Ryan Mallett
Tom said Jan 22, 2011 21:23:57
Jerry isn't big on drafting Razorbacks. Felix Jones is the only pick he's taken from Arkansas in the last 20 years. That's one of the biggest fallacies on the internet.
No way Romo is going anywhere, and taking a QB in the 1st is unlikely, when they have obvious needs on the OL, DL, and secondary.

Right now I'd look at one of the DL at that spot. I don't see any OL worth taking that high, and unless Peterson or Amakamura(sp) fall, I don't see an Earl Thomas/Eric Berry type available either.

But you have Bowers, Dareus, JJ Watt (maybe too high), Cameron Jordan, Paea who all fit a need and have value as a top ten pick.
K White said Jan 22, 2011 21:50:18
Paea? is he switching to ofensive tackle or are saying he's a better nose then Jay Ratliff. If both Prince and Peterson are gone before this pick look for the Cowboys to trade pick to a team looking to draft a QB specially with skins picking behind them
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 02:06:44
He is saying as a defensive lineman....I think After a great senior bowl Cameron Jordan may be a good selection with this pick as a 3 4 end
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 04:42:59
Yea this pick will most likely be Cam Jordan or JJ Watt. Their front seven is drastically aging and they need a revamp of young talent. Both these guys looked solid in the big moments and can contribute right away playing alongside Jay Ratliff. I think Jerry might entertain drafting Brandon Harris, but in the end he still has a lot of faith in newmann and jenkins and will probably sell fans the idea that taking a top rated 3-4 end will help create more pressure on opposing qbs and in turn, ease the pressure of those two in the secondary.
NFLDraftfan said Feb 05, 2011 16:29:57
I think both of those guys are very good and both would be great 3 4 defensive ends....however I do think that cb is a bigger need.
ghostman.mccann said Feb 06, 2011 01:42:35
If Amukamara and Peterson are both gone, Jerry will trade down so that he can pick an O lineman at a more appropriate level and gun for Quintin Carter as his first drafted DB.
kvn32958 said Mar 05, 2011 23:08:02
JJ is broke and embarassed due to the SuperBowl meltdown so he may trade his 1st and 2nd for 10 4th round picks to save money. Then after getting hazed for another draft screw up turn around and bring in Randy Moss only to give him $8mil for the season... thats just Jerry's way these
Alex said Mar 12, 2011 04:52:23
Not sure why he has 3 OL drafted in the 1st 3 rounds...
when JJ Watt is there at 9...?
Marvin Austin is there at 45 and
Rahim Moore is there at 73

BTW you guys spelled it Morre
Alex said Mar 12, 2011 04:52:58
Aaron Williams is a superior FS.
Lorena Palacio said Mar 13, 2011 03:56:17
No, it's not a sexy pick but they should get Castanzo or Smith. Get a LT who will play from day one who will protect your quarterbacks blind side for the next 10-12 years and you do more to right your offense than any other pick. Plus, you need help in your secondary a heck of a lot more than your front seven.
Alex said Mar 13, 2011 05:31:25
I am not sure we fully grasp the concept that Doug Free is a Left Tackle, he was rated the #1 Run blocking LT in the league and 3rd overall Tackle by PFF...why would you pick another LT that high...?
The only kid I am drafting is Carimi who should be a plug and play RT for the next 10 years, but we could get him at 18-22.
I am not big on paying top 10 money to a RT.

Lorena Palacio said Mar 13, 2011 19:35:10
Then pick Carimi. The Packers picked Bulaga almost that high last year and look at the results.
Alex said Mar 14, 2011 02:32:44
Bulaga is a great comparison to Carimi at RT...
I also think Bulaga has the ability to move to LT in the future, but I see Carimi as a pure RT.

I think Carimi and Sherrod will be the best players at their positions from this draft after it is all said and done.

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