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With the 8th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Tennessee Titans select?

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:04:05 by
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GeorgeHagerty said Jan 11, 2011 05:53:52
I say Cam Newton, just as long as he is still available come their pick
NFLDraftfan said Jan 11, 2011 14:36:11
I don't hate the pick I just don't think they will go that route at this point. I have not updated my draft yet but I see them taking a DT, DE, or CB at this point and picking up a veteran qb... not Kerry Collins... your thoughts?
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 07:31:04
I hate this pick. Being from Nashville, im pretty positive the last thing Fisher wants is another athlete playing QB project. They are pretty stacked with good young CBs, I think they will go with the best DL available.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 12, 2011 13:23:11
I like the idea of that but are you thinking interior lineman or pass rusher...what prospects are you thinking with the 8th pick?
kvn32958 said Jan 13, 2011 03:21:55
Well, since they are still unsure what they have in Derrick Morgan since he was hurt for most of the season and the push up the middle was very inconsistent, I think you take the best of the 2 positions available. I know I may get a few laughs with this one but I think a play for Ryan Fitzpatrick would not be a bad idea at all. He plays like an old school gun slinger and he is very intelligent. If he can put up those stats in Buffalo then give him a Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt with a line that really started to gel later in the season, I think he could have a good chance at being VERY successful.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 13, 2011 03:26:10
I don't hate the idea of Fitz but I don't think he will be available...I would prefer Orton or Kolb as well....I think dareus may be a god got as a piss rushing dt.... The problem with a defensive end is Babin was very good and if Morgan is good than its almost a waste is all.
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NFLDraftfan said Jan 15, 2011 20:21:37
I think they go with the best defensive lineman available and.get a vet qb...all said and done
JordanSoliwoda said Jan 24, 2011 08:40:04
cam newton might be still there during the titans pick unless he get picked up by the panthers. he will make a good addition to the team but i also think that they get a vet qb someone thats been in the game and knows how its works
matthew.inglese said Jan 24, 2011 18:56:13
I'm pretty sure that Cam will still be here at #8, unless the 49ers/ Cardinals take him (I wouldn't bet on it, though). The caveat with Cam to the Titans would be the similarities between him and Vince Young. Both fit in the athletic QB mold, but you may have to question the mental make-up of both. Bud Adams/ Jeff Fisher may try to avoid someone like Vince Young based on how that relationship ended. Cam has some flaws that need to be addressed (one read QB, inaccuracy, becomes extremely timid when injured) and I don't know if Fisher's tenure will last long enough to warrant grooming (he's probably in a win this year or else situation). I'll agree that QB is a HUGE hole for the Titans, but I don't think that Newton will be the pick here. Either they'll draft another QB here (Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker (we'll see how he does in the Senior Bowl)) or go with D-Line (DT). Marcell Dareus or Stephen Paea might be better selections here.
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matthew.inglese said Jan 28, 2011 17:12:30
Well, I may have to go back on my previous statement. With Jeff Fisher now gone, there is a good chance that Cam Newton (or Gabbert) gets picked up here. New coach is coming in, although we don't know who yet. If there is no coach announced before the draft (a dumb move), then this is Bud Adams' show. He was more of a proponent of Vince Young before, so he may go for Cam Newton here. It'll be interesting to see who they choose if Newton and Blaine Gabbert are available.

With chances likely that Gabbert's taken before this pick, I'm switching my mock to Cam Newton at the #8 spot.
avatar said Jan 29, 2011 02:00:25
I agree that QB could be a good shot in this 2011 NFL Draft for the Titans especially now that Fisher is gone. 1. Do you think that there is any way now that the Titans will keep Vince Young now that Jeff Fisher is gone? 2. Do you think drafting a rookie QB would be best...I still think picking up a Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb or Donovan Mcnabb will still be the best option for them because I think they can win now with their team? However, if they do let Vince go and they don't want a veteran QB then I think they will have to take a QB because Kerry Collins is not the future. So I say take one in the first round or try to get a Ponder, Dalton or Kaepernick in the 2nd round.
matthew.inglese said Jan 29, 2011 13:36:29
1) I think at this point, Vince Young's ready for a change of scenery. Don't bank on him being back this year.

2) The best option (like in my response to the Bengals pick) would be to do both, although their priority should be to pick up a young gun to work with. The Titans are slightly better off in the QB department since they do have a veteran in Kerry Collins, but they could always bring in another for depth purposes. They could always wait until the 2nd round, although Bud Adams may run this show and pick up his QB of the future in Round 1.
avatar said Jan 31, 2011 00:00:03
However, I don't think that Kerry Collins is very good at all especially because of his long release. He was ok a couple of years ago but the line isn't as good and they need a better QB. Collins is not the solution and should not be on the team next year they need to start new with someone else.
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 04:31:48
This is where the first qb comes off the board imo. The question is who will it be? Fisher is gone and Young is likely out which means that Bud Adams will once again try to find his guy in the draft again. If I had to guess it will likely be Blaine Gabbert. I think what Bud went through with VY will scare hiim away from taking Cam Newton. Gabbert if highest rated qb according to most scouts and could greatly benefit from sitting behind Collins for a period of time next season. If they decide to take a different route, this pick will probably be a defensive player.
avatar said Apr 10, 2011 18:44:05
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