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With the 7th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select?

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:03:26 by
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CodyJacobKezama said Jan 10, 2011 19:14:45
A quaterback would be a stupid pick when you got troy smith and alex smith, and you can easily make a move to get mcnabb or young. i would go with noel divine, or even A.j green or patrick peterson if they slip a little.
ElliotNorth said Jan 11, 2011 06:18:57
Alex Smith was obviously the wrong pick, and Troy Smith could be good, but will never be great. With both of the star corners gone and AJ Green gone, Mallett would be the best pick. With his arm, he can make any throw laterally and vertically, and with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, he could turn Mallett into a superstar. However, if Green, Amukamara, or Peterson fall down to #7, they need to be the priority. But with this scenario, it is the right pick.
avatar said Jan 12, 2011 02:02:27

I agree that Alex Smith and Troy Smith are not necessarily the future. Additionally because it is Harbaughs first year he has the ability to get a QB and groom him. Mallett is a big QB but definitely needs some training and like you said Harbaugh may be just the guy for him. Thanks for visiting and commenting....
CodyJacobKezama said Jan 12, 2011 04:03:28
I would say alex smith was not a bust yet. He's only 26 and entering his prime, this last season he should a glimpse of greatness with a young team. I wouldn't count out troy smith either, he's a dinamic wepon whose also young and entering his prime. He finds ways too win ever since college and if he started next season for the niners i bet they would make playoffs. A QB would be a foolish pick when theres soo much talent in the draft for other postions and they already got the smiths and if they wanted they could get Mcnabb, young, or even Quinn who all could be legit starters for the niners. but if they did go with a QB i would go with Jake Locker.
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 07:26:27
WOW, if you say that either of the Smith brothers is a great/good starting QB then please stick your head in a bucket of gas then set it on fire. As for McShabb, This stage in his career he will not be able to take in a brand new system especially since he is not known as a big studier and has not been worth a dayum the last couple years....Im from Nashville and I wouldn't want Young on my team cleaning out the porta-potties!!! The only couple plays would need to be for either Kevin Kolb or Marc Bulger. If they did draft Mallett, it would be his best situation. If anyone can get Mallett to study and play to his potential then Harbaugh can.... who knows maybe Harbaugh feels that same way to a once promising top rated QB in Clausen in being able to coach him up...but I doubt it.
CodyJacobKezama said Jan 12, 2011 09:24:35
I never said they are great starting Qb's. all im saying is both Alex and Troy are entering there prime, have tons of talent and have showed they can win ball games making a quaterback an unnecessary pick. If 49ers don't beleive in the smiths Mcnabb is defintly an option. I dont get how you can say he has not been worth a dayum these last couple years, just look at his stats. With all the young talent on the 49ers O McNabb would come in and light it up. Vince Young is loaded with talent but needs guidance from a good coach (harbaugh), and then with wepons like crabtree, davis, morgan and walker he would do wonders with the niners. Kolb and Bulger could probly get the job done too, soo with all these options at Qb for the next season i would feel drafting a Qb would be defintly unnecessary when you could use a 7th pick for somthing much more benafiacl
avatar said Jan 13, 2011 00:00:54
Hi Guys,
I agree with both of you in a way. I think that the 49ers could be good by taking a veteran QB and could win the division with someone like Kolb, Bulger or Orton. When you look at players like Mcnabb you are thinking a more year to year thing and I think Harbaugh wants to be in it for the long haul. Now moving onto Vince I don't necessarily think he would be awful to pick up to see what he can do for Harbaugh and compete for a starting job with the other two. Additionally they can look at Mallett, Locker or another option at QB and Harbaugh can groom them. Lastly I think if they don't go QB they can go after someone such as Peterson, Amukamura, or Brandon Harris the top CB's in this draft. Additionally they may want to go after a stud defensive lineman such as Dareus, Watt, Quinn, Fairley, Bowers or Clayborn. I think these are all options and I am very interested to see how Harbaugh works with this team and to see if he is able to come in and win the division as a first year coach (though this would be the easiest division to win by far)
CodyJacobKezama said Jan 13, 2011 06:30:59
Amen brother, it will be very interesting too see were Harbaugh goes with the draft. I would love too see Peterson or Bowers slip too the niners, they would both come in and make an instant impact.
kvn32958 said Jan 14, 2011 00:42:24
I was thinking and I think Harbaugh's best bet would be to take Heyward, or maybe even Juilo Jones to pair with Crabtree. Pick up Bulger and draft someone that he can mold like a Christen Ponder in the 2nd..... unless after the combine and interviews he just REALLY loves Mallett.
james said Jan 14, 2011 02:18:59
Alright im a lifetime niners fan and i would like to see them get mcnabb... and if prince and peterson are gone trade down get a late first round pick and a 2nd rounder out of it, and with those picks take a look at jake locker whos falling to the late first round second round and groom him behind mcnabb for a yr, mcnabb is def not as good as he use to be but better then what we have.. and could win the easy division, and with the trade we would have more picks to adress are needs of a passrushher and corner
james said Jan 14, 2011 02:22:21
and if blaine gabberts there we shuld def take a good look at him hes got almost the arm of mallet but way better accracy, and is also 6 foot 5....
Chris Dollenmeyer said Jan 16, 2011 05:55:19
Blaine Gabbert did not play in a "pro-style" offense at Missouri. They run a gimick-y shotgun offense just like 90% of the rest of college football with "tight ends" who are split out and can't block, no fullback, no snaps under center, with the play being called in from the sideline after the defense is set. He could turn into a great pro--he has a great arm and is athletic enough to avoid a rush up the middle or from the edge. But he's no more pro-ready than Cam Newton. Jake Locker (same offense USC has run for years and produced a couple good NFL QBs) has played in a pro system the most (2 yrs). Even Mallett has played in Petrino's offense that has produced college numbers but no worthwhile NFL QB (Stefan LeFors, Brian Brohm, etc). It's tough to ever say a QB is or isn't ready due to being in a pro-style offense in college. Oklahoma ran a ton of shotgun 4 WR formations and Sam Bradford managed to transition fine. Please make sure statements like "he played in a pro-style offense" are actually based in fact. It'll up your credibility a ton.
IshmaelStagner said Jan 25, 2011 06:31:22
The best scenario would be for the 49rs to trade for Kevin Kolb from the Eagles with their 2011 2nd round draft choice. He would be better than any of the OB's that the 49rs could draft this year, and could take them to the playoffs. The Niners could use #1 for one of the better CB's, or rush linebackers. A first rounder should be somebody who can start immediately, and none of this year's qb's qualify, except for the real desperate teams who are still a couple of years away. The Niners really need qb leadership rather than skill, and they need it now. Kolb or Bulger can provide this immediately because there's already Davis, Crabtree, Gore, and a really improving o-line. They really need an attitude change, and the swagger that Bill Walsh teams always had. That will be Harbaugh's greatest challenge. They could also use Baas at RG w/Rachal as a backup. They really should look to add one of the Wisconsin tackles in the middle rounds to backup Staley. They're not that far from being a playoff or better team.
matthew.inglese said Jan 25, 2011 17:29:11
This pick may come down to 2 players:
On one hand, the 49ers need their QB of the future. Even if they bring in a vet, they can always use this pick and develop a QB (doesn't have to start right away). A lot of people are high on Blaine Gabbert... and he may be the best fit for a potential West Coast style offense. He does have some serious flaws in his game and will have to be groomed, but he could be taken here.
On the other hand, the 49ers really need help in their defense, particularly their secondary. Patrick Peterson will most likely be gone by this point, leaving Prince Amukamara, who is arguably a better shut-down corner than Peterson.

I think that the 49ers will pass up on the QB position here and take one later in the draft (maybe one of the big 4 will drop to them in Round 2). I think that Prince Amukamara will be the pick here.
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 02:57:00
I think the best scenario for a lot of teams would be trading for Kolb but the Eagles are not going to be giving him away so it will be interesting to see who makes a play on kolb
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