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With the 6th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Browns Select

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:02:39 by
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avatar said Jan 10, 2011 03:03:48
The Browns could go one of many ways with this pick... for the time being I think they take the top CB or the top defensive lineman whoever the best player available is at this time.... Nick Fairley, Marcel Dareus, Prince Amukamura, or Patrick Peterson.
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 07:16:28
I think the thought of Joe Hayden and Prince Amukamara in the same secondary would be scary for most QBs (provided Prince lives up to his potential and hype)

I do think if A.J. Green is there they take him.
K White said Jan 22, 2011 21:39:18
After picking Haden number 7 last year i cant see them taking Prince at 6 this year with so many other needs. If A.J. Green is off the board I wouldnt be surprised if they reach for Julio Jones with a decent showing at the combine.
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 02:04:07
I don't disagree but I think if they can have two lock down corners that could be very good on there division
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 04:14:58
It all comes down to who actually falls to them. If Green is there he will likely be the first choice. Personally, I dont think Green will be there which is why Prince Amukamara should be the pick. Haden played lights out after starting slow and looks poised for a big season next year. TJ Ward was a big surprise for them this season and if he continues to play like that it will only make things easier for Dick Jauron. After that is where the questions begin to arise. Sheldon Brown is old and showed it in his play and their is a lack of presence at the FS position. They should lock up Prince and roll with one of the hot young secondaries in the nfl going into next year.
lbcoach said Feb 10, 2011 18:43:54
Prince Amakamura is not a top 10 pick. He may be the 2nd CB in this draft, but he is a distant 2nd to Peterson - there are several players closer to Amakamura in round 2 or later - such as Ras-I Dowling and Brandon Harris and several others.

If AJ Green is there - he is by far and away the best pick for Cleveland.

If not, the player missing from this mock draft top 6 are arguably Von Miller and Robert Quinn.

So, of these 7 players (Fairley, Dareus, Peterson, Bowers, Miller, Quinn, and Green) The Browns should have one of them - and would be very improved on either side of the ball - but AJ Green is the wishlist player...but very well could be there if he gets by Cincy.
DerrickNichols said Feb 12, 2011 22:55:08
a defensivelineman is what they need.
avatar said Feb 13, 2011 15:51:57
I think that a defensive lineman like Marcel Dareus or Robert Quinn would be a good pick and good value with this pick... to IBCoach I don't know what you are taking about Prince like that for. He is a very good cover CB who has the ability I think to be a potential top 5 pick. A lot of teams and scouts have him rated higher than Peterson in a lot of categories...
trevorallburn said Feb 14, 2011 20:15:21
If I were the decision maker here I would refuse to draft a corner. Even if Peterson is still there, which he won't be, we can't afford to use a top ten pick on another corner. Sure when Wright was in our secondary was really week, but the second half of the year they tightened up a lot, and Jauron was the secondary coach at Phili so he should be able to work with them a good deal.

Since we're switching to the 4-3 it is imperative they draft a lineman. If we don't get talent on the d-line we're gunna be ripped apart even worse than last year, and especially with a lockout looming and potentially shortening offseason practice, we've gotta get some guys who just plain know how to play ball. If by a stroke of luck Fairley falls I'd scoop him up, despite his ethical issues. If we can't get him I'd take an end like Bowers or Quinn to get some pressure from the outside.

I don't want Green because I think everyone will be surprised how well our receivers do next year in the WCO. Last year we were throwing deep balls to possession receivers which doesn't work any way you slice it. Pick up a receiver in the second, like the guy from Pittsburgh, and fill out the defense the rest of the draft.

Go Browns. In Holmgren we trust.
lbcoach said Feb 15, 2011 16:49:40
I basing my opinion of Amakamura of film highlights and lowlights of his play.

He's a very good cover corner, but not physical enough to play in a 4-3 cover 2 scheme where the corners need to be very aggressive tacklers on the perimeter in certain schemes/coverages.

I think he is a player - but not separatinh himself from many other corners in this years draft including HArris, Smith, Dowling, and Williams.

The top 6 players are:
1. DaQuan Bowers
2. AJ Green
3. Nick Fairley
4. Patrick Peterson
5. Marcel Dareus
6. Von Miller

One of these players will be a Cleveland Brown - not Amakamura
lbcoach said Feb 15, 2011 17:01:57
Robert Quinn may replace Von Miller after the combine on this list
lbcoach said Feb 15, 2011 17:02:14
or at least be right next to him
discgolfur said Feb 17, 2011 15:42:21
Totally agree with the coach. Fairley and Bowers will not fall. If Green, Peterson, or Miller are there you take them- but most mocks have them going 3-4-5, so we're "stuck" with Dareus or Quinn. I prefer Quinn's pass rushing prowess at DE b/c that is such a need.

All that said, the combine is going to reshuffle the deck completely, especially later rounds. If we go defense first round, WR at 37 would be great, but Baldwin will be gone- so who do you like: HANKERSON (mia), cobb (kentucky), young (boise), smith (maryland)???
lbcoach said Feb 17, 2011 22:15:59
Of the 3 WR's I think it's too ealry to tell who will fall and who will rise and who will stay put as far draft boards - but I love Baldwin, Young, Hankerson, and I have not seem much of Smith at this point - so I reserve comment.

My feeling on WRs is that you need a big target as your #1 like Calvin Johnson or Hakeem Nicks or Andre Johnson - and solid #2 who can basically block and catch 30 balls a season - and legit speedster slot WR3 that can break a stay pass or 5 yard stop into an 80 yard TD alla Desean Jackson or even like Eddie Royal of 2009 or a young Steve Smith in Carolina

If AJ Green is there - moot point.

If not - very important position to fill in the early part of draft.
lbcoach said Feb 17, 2011 22:18:07
Another position I have been reviewing is Safety - even though TJ Ward is listed as our FS - I think he's more of a strong in a base 4-3 Tampa 2 style defense.

Anyway, I think we need a playamking turnover guy like Ed Reed with some serious range in coverage. I love Deunta Williams out of UNC.
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