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With the 21st Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Seattle Seahawks

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:36:55 by
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matthew.inglese said Feb 01, 2011 18:19:14
Despite the fact that they made it to the NFC Divisional Round and were a conference champion, the Seahawks have a lot of holes to fill, which means a lot of directions that they COULD go.

A) Running Back: Mark Ingram may be available here, but the Seahawks have a couple of player on the roster that could break out (i.e. Marshawn Lynch). Still, the Seahawks could add on and hope that Ingram performs up to expectations.

B) O-Line: This unit needs A LOT of work. Use the Russell Okung pick from last year and build upon that. An improved line should mean a better running game.

C) Defense: Really, the Seahawks could go anywhere here (they have some good LBs and S Earl Thomas, though). They ranked 21th in passing yard avg and 27st in passing yards against. I think that they'll go with some D-Linemen somewhere in this draft.

D) (The scenario that I'll go with) Jake Locker: This would be a move for the future, no doubt. They do have Hasselback and Whitehurst on the roster, but Hasselback is getting close to retirement and Whitehurst may not be Pete Carroll's guy. Jake Locker is a local player that has issues to work on (on-field) and would really be helped by an NFL coaching staff and two veterans in front of him on the depth chart. Is this a safe pick? No. Is this a pick to help now? No.
However much in on-field game comes into question, scouts will still fall in love with him at the Combine and you can't argue with his physical talent. I say that Locker goes Round 1 to Seattle and gets put on the bench for the time being.
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