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With the 18th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers Select

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:34:33 by
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Mark K said Jan 11, 2011 00:20:02
If Von Miller is there, the Chargers will jump on this pick. They need a pass rush.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 11, 2011 00:24:31
I agree I think that Von Miller is someone that can be the eventual replacement of Merriman because they haven't got one yet. I think another option would be a wide receiver or a defensive back.
Roybomb said Feb 15, 2011 17:36:22
I agree also, however the Chargers should also consider Mark Ingram if he fall to them.
Lorena Palacio said Feb 18, 2011 02:58:46
Now that VJ has the franchise tag on him they can get an OLB (Miller won't be at 18) or a DE to replace Jaques Cesaire. I'm hoping they go for J.J Watt. Watch his highlight reel against Ohio State. He starts out terribly, forgetting repeatedly that he has to set the edge. But somehow he comes back and has a hell of a game. The guy gets better during crunch time.

BTW, the Chargers already have Ryan Mathews and the surprising Mike Tolbert in their backfield. Why would they try to draft Ingram? If the Boltz do draft a running back it'll be later in the draft and will be a Darren Sproles type back to replace Darren Sproles.
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Roybomb said Feb 18, 2011 13:36:30
Yes Now that Jackson is franchised, I do agree that OLB and DE is the most glaring need for the Chargers. However Mathews and Tolbert had several miscues last year. Mathews seems very fragile, and I hold my breath every time Tolbert touches the ball. Ingram is a biggest reason Bama won the 2010 Championship. However
MikeMoritz said Feb 21, 2011 22:54:43
ridiculous...this website has our first 3 picks (all 3 in the first 2 rounds) picking 3 OLBS???? does this sound crazy to anyone else...i watched every play of every game and the pass defense/pressure was solid...the run defense was laughable however, the raiders ran ALL OVER the chargers in their 2 games...the Cesaire replacement HAS to be addressed and the Clary replacement HAS to be addressed before we declare English a MY personal opinion a 1st round pick should get 3 seasons to prove his worth, 2nd round gets 2 years, 3rd round gets a FAN i would rather have cam jordan (not likely) or Adrian Clayborn (highly possible) or ANY high talent OT...but the first 3 picks ALL addressing the same position is retarded...i think anybody with half a brain would know that is not a smart decision, but then again i do question A.J. Smith's brain capacity
Lorena Palacio said Feb 23, 2011 07:28:30
My friend is an Iowa Hawkeye alumni and says that although Clayborn was a beast in 2009 he all but disappeared this season, especially late in games. Teams just marched down the field on them and Clayborn just seemed lost in the crowd. As far as wanting to replace Clary, I hear you man. When the going gets tough it's just like Clary to get a holding call, an illegal motion or to give up the big play. I hate to stay on the Wisconsin bandwagon but I am really sold on Gabe Carimi. In the game against Iowa he gave up an early sack against Clayborn but utterly dominated him the rest of the game. There was one stretch this season, I believe, that Carimi faced Clayborn, Ryan Kerrigan and Cameron Heyward and had very few problems with them. But I doubt that A.J. will spend a first round pick on a right tackle.
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