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With the 15th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:32:45 by
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NFLDraftfan said Jan 09, 2011 12:51:20
I think the Dolphins either need to go WR or QB with this pick....I think Justin Blackmon or Julio Jones would be good options
matthew.inglese said Jan 09, 2011 22:06:03
I would like to see the Dolphins go in one of two directions here:

1) Mark Ingram- RB/ Alabama: The running game wasn't up to snuff this past year with neither Ricky nor Ronnie able to get too much going outside of garbage time carries. Plus, it remains to be seen if either one will be back next year. Ingram is the best running back in the draft, and would be able to contribute immediately to the offense.

2) Mike Pouncey- C/ Florida: The offensive line was pretty inconsistent this past year and featured a rotating door line-up due to depth and injury. Pouncey would either make a good/ great center, or you can move him back to his original guard position.

QB would be an obvious choice here (wavering faith in Henne/ lack of depth), but the top QBs all have questions and are all developmental prospects at best. I would rather take one of the above picks and take say Pat Devlin of Delaware later.

WR is not a priority with Marshall, Bess, and Hartline as the main targets and some younger receivers (Moore, Wallace) on the roster.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 09, 2011 22:12:32
I agree that they really need to improve the run game as weel. The only thing is I think that for Pouncey that is a bit of a reach. Additionally I think that Ingram is a good RB but they could a RB in the second round for much better value. So I say they either trade down or they take the best player available not being an rb.
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 07:59:02
I say give Henne another year, draft the best OL so that Thomas is not the only guy attempting to keep Henne off his back. Other than Thomas, the OL is garbage for the most part.
avatar said Jan 13, 2011 00:03:42
While I agree they need to have an improved O-line especially with how much they run the ball I still am not sure about Henne. I think he could be good with the right coordinator but then they have to get the right coordinator...
kvn32958 said Jan 13, 2011 03:32:06
I dont know about "the right coordinator", just a compitent one that doesnt rely on the wild cat. While the wild cat was successful for a couple of years, like any fad it caught on and everyone knows how to stop it now. In a regular everyday pro style offense and good blocking, Henne can be a very good QB. Maybe not a top or elite QB, but good enough to bring fear in the tough AFC East. Anyone short of signing Peyton Manning or significant injuries to the Patriots and Jets, the Fins will always be overall the 3rd best team in that stout division.
matthew.inglese said Jan 14, 2011 18:53:59
<Long-ish post, Sorry>
@NFLDraftFan- I'll agree that a trade down may be the best move, but who knows if it' will happen. Also, if the Dolphins aren't able to make a trade, the 'pick up a 2nd round RB' idea won't work; Dolphins don't have a 2nd round pick and won't get one without a trade down or maybe trading away Cameron Wake (BAD IDEA!). SO, the Phins have #15 and then won't see action until the 3rd, as it stands.

Chad Henne may not be the guy or he may be. He seems to do a lot better when there's a healthy dose of the running game behind him... and it's effective. When the play-calling becomes pass-happy or the running game fails, that's where Henne falters. I'll agree that the Dolphins do need to bring in a QB since they have Henne, Thigpen, Pennington (should consider retirement), and Brandstater (Practice Squad). I'd like to see Dolphins target a QB, but not for this spot.

I still believe that the running game needs work and should be the focus of this pick, whether it's RB or O-line (especially the interior). My desired pick is still posted above and I'm sticking to it. What the Dolphins WILL do is beyond me right now, though. :)
matthew.inglese said Feb 01, 2011 19:01:12
After a few weeks of these mock drafts, I'd figure that I'd talk about my favorite team again. :) Overall, I can't say that I'd be too thrilled with the way you've mocked the Dolphins (in fact, no picks have changed in rounds 3-7 while round 1 has been a rotating door of QBs). Here's the way our drafts for the Phins break down:

Round 1: Colin Kaepernick- QB/ Nevada: Although I really like Colin, this pick would be a really big reach. You brought up his use in the Wildcat, which wouldn't really be a factor, since the WC has been (for the most part) phased out of the playbook and is really only useful when there is no QB on the field. The Henne situation isn't as bad as advertised, but he does need people around him.
Round 3: Bruce Miller- DE/ UCF: This isn't a need pick at all (we get Odrick back and our defense was decent last year). Plus, any sites that I'm checking out are listing him as a late-round/ undrafted prospect (you even have him going later in the 6th). This would be a horrible pick.
Round 4: Rodney Hudson- G/ FSU: This would be a great pick-up! He helps with the interior line AND gives Henne some protection. Unfortunately, he's a fringe Round 1/2 player and will be LONG gone at this point.
Round 5: Cliff Matthews- DE/ South Carolina: This is essentially the Miller pick re-hashed... only Matthews is a LOT better player. I think that he'll be gone by this point, but this isn't the worst pick to have.
Round 6: Rodney Gnat- DE/ Louisville: Another player that could contribute, but would better be served as a FA try-out. Also, with 2 draft picks already for the same role, why?
Round 7A: Duke Ihenacho- S/ SJSU: Defensive depth (especially secondary) in the last round. No complaints here.
Round 7B: John Bender- G/ Nevada: Another player that could be used for depth on the O-Line? No complaints here, either.

After that break-down of your draft, here's mine:
Round 1: Mike Pouncey- C/ Florida: Helps with the running game, as well as actually helping Henne. He versatile, so he can be used as guard or center. I think that the Dolphins will try and trade down, but if they're stuck at #15, this would do nicely.
Round 3: Daniel Thomas- RB/ Kansas State: There's a chance that neither Ricky nor Ronny will be back next year (not that they were uber-productive this year), leaving Lex Hilliard and Ricky Cobbs at the top of the depth chart. The Dolphins need depth (potential starter) at RB, so I think that they'll go with a great RB here in Thomas. The RBs may last a little longer before they start going, so they can afford to wait until here to pick one up. If not this, than a Mark Ingram/ John Moffitt combo may work as well.
Round 4: Andy Dalton- QB/ TCU: This would be great for the Dolphins. Dalton may not have the best arm, but he's smart, can read defenses well, and has decent accuracy. Sitting behind Henne and working with a similar QB in Chad Pennington could do wonders for his career.
Round 5: Ross Homan- ILB/ Ohio State: Basically, this is the late round, train somebody to take over for Channing Crowder pick. He could be a nice pick late in the draft.
Round 6: Rob Housler- TE/ FAU: I don't see too many TE's being taken in this draft, so the Dolphins could get Housler here in the 6th. He'll give Henne another target to pair with Fasano and/or replace him.
Round 7: Go for value with these picks. Ihenacho and Bender would be a good set here. Eric Hagg (S/ Nebraska) is always another option. Derrick Locke (RB/ Kentucky) or Da'Rel Scott (RB/ Maryland) also wouldn't be bad picks here. It's the 7th Round, so just go for the best available.
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