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With the 13th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:07:58 by
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dakitchen said Jan 13, 2011 04:01:47
I dont believe the lions will draft the 3rd best CB with the 13 pick when they can draft the #1 LB. The lions can use the 2nd round pick and draft CB Ras I- Dowling.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 13, 2011 13:20:02
Who do you believe they should take? What linebacker its worth the 13 th pick on this draft?
NFLDraftfan said Jan 15, 2011 20:23:20
Do you think a Von Miller or interior like Martez Wilson?
matthew.inglese said Jan 16, 2011 13:22:14
The Lions have a couple of options here:

They do have the option of strengthening their secondary, but ONLY if Prince Amukamara drops here. With Janoris Jenkins going back to UF, the 3rd best CB is Brandon Harris, which would be a huge reach here. There's not a high ranked safety, so that's out. Martez Wilson is probably the best ILB in the draft, but he would be a huge reach right here, too. If Von Miller is here, he would be a viable option and possibly the pick for the Lions.

I would actually like to see the Lions go after an offensive lineman here. This is an area that I feel needs to be strengthened if they want any shelf-life to be given to their QBs. Although I think that Von Miller may be the pick here, I would like to see the Lions go after someone like Nate Solder here.
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RoryDreMatthews said Jan 17, 2011 03:32:41
kvn32958 said Jan 23, 2011 04:56:25
Drafting OL is a MUST for this team! Look how much Stafford gets hit and injured. There is no use in paying the man close to 50mil if you cant keep him off his back.
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 02:08:21
They can't draft offensiveline with their first round pick their are no that should go that high in the draft.
CodyBurgwald said Mar 11, 2011 00:35:06
Oh hell no! Lions bottom line need a Left tackle. Yeah they need a CB too, but come on. Stafford is the man for the job and we havnt had him a whole season in his 2 years with the team. Nate Solder is the best choice at there point in the draft. Second Round get the best CB you can get, Third Round either get another CB or other O-Lineman.
Lorena Palacio said Mar 13, 2011 04:04:14
Solder is too raw. Castanzo can start from day one. Personally, it would surprise the hell out of me if you guys didn't draft someone to protect Stafford. It wouldn't make sense to invest so much money on the guy if you're not going to protect him.
AjayMondomon said Mar 15, 2011 04:49:50
I would trade down and then get a left tackle - Tyron, Solder, Carimi and Castanzo would good enough to protect Stafford and one of them should fall to picks 20 - 32. Might as well get an extra 3rd pick and use the rest of the picks to fill all our major holes - OLB, CB, and ILB
trade up and get Pat Peterson - can you imagine a defense with Suh and a Deion Sanders type guy? Peterson will increase both our interception production and our sack production - we should be dominant
draft Robert Quinn - imagine him next to Suh - downright scary and serious destruction against opposing QBs
avatar said Apr 10, 2011 18:43:15
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matthew.inglese said Apr 24, 2011 18:09:20
Alright- time to revisit my comments from a few months ago for the Detroit pick. (Note: this assumes that the Lions stay at the 13 spot).

1)CB- This is a real possibility here... only if Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara drop down. Peterson's going to be too good of a prospect to drop outside of the Top 10, so he's out. I don't see Amukamara dropping past Houston, either. If those 2 are gone, the next best pick would be Jimmy Smith, who's character concerns should deter the Lions from picking him here.

2) LB- After the post-season, the only player that should really be considered as a top-15 pick here would be Von Miller (at least among 4-3 OLBs). He's not going to be around here, so the Lions look to address this later. (Martez Wilson is the best ILB, but should not be taken in the top 15).

3) OL- This is the most likely position to be taken by the Lions. They NEED to protect Stafford and build some holes for Jahvid Best to work with. There are a couple of options that the Lions could work with, depending on who they approach the draft:
Tackle Projects: Tyron Smith and Nate Solder would be good here, if the Lions want to go with Backus for another year or so and hope that Cherilus can come best from injury. After watching him play, I agree with Lorena's comment above. Solder has potential and athleticism, but he is not ready to come in and be a starting from day 1 NFL LT. Same thing goes for Tyron Smith (who hasn't played LT at USC).
Start Now NFL Tackle: Anthony Costonzo (as an echo of Lorena) is the most NFL ready LT in this year's draft. If the Lions want to move Backus to the right side and draft a LT to start right now, Costonzo needs to be the guy here.
Interior Lne: Starting at #12, it could be a real possibility to see Mike Pouncey get drafted. Pouncey could come in right away and start on the line, so he will probably at least come up in conversation.

In all likelihood, one of the aforementioned Offensive Lineman is going to probably be the pick.
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