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With the 12th Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select

posted Jan 08, 2011 17:07:07 by
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coljoh said Jan 10, 2011 14:32:27
Option #1: QB Blaine Gabbert of Missouri. He has just come on as a top 15 pick in the past month as he is quickly becoming a very viable option for many teams at Quarterback. I like him more than Locker as I feel Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett are going to be drafted before number 12 and the Vikings really need a quarterback.

If Vikings sign or trade for a veteran quarterback than Option #1: CB Prince Amukamara of Nebraska. A top 10 pick on many big boards I feel he can easily fall to the Vikings if everything goes right. He fits the Vikings well because he is a much needed defensive player on a struggling team.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 10, 2011 18:47:45
I agree that QB is the biggest concern but drafting a QB with their pick may be problematic...I think the best optio for them would to be take either the best defensive end or corner available. Looks like edwards may not be back so they need an end opposite of Allen and also need corner coverage as you have implied... however I don't think Prince will be available Brandon Harris may be the best cb option
TimithyJLarson said Jan 14, 2011 04:54:00
ok I really don't know who this kid is out of mizzouri. But I don't think he is a fit for the vikings. Does everyone forget who was let go by the tennesse titians (vince young) I mean really was he that bad? Um no he was not 2 pro bowls and offence player of the year. Do you really think we need a kid that just showed up on the radar, I mean where was he all year. So what luck went back so now he is shining, pready sad in my book. If we do go with young I say go DT or SS then do a little upgrade to the O-Line in 2 round. O yeah if would be nice to see a presant from tennesse sence we gave them one. Man chiily was a bad call as a head coach thanks to ziggy for not letting this great guy get away. Lesslie fraz.
matthew.inglese said Mar 03, 2011 16:07:31
Several different option for the Vikings here (not including trading):

QB- If either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert are here, the Vikings may take a look at either of them as their long-term QB. If both of these guys are gone (most likely), then the Vikings should look elsewhere for Round 1 and maybe go QB in Round 2 (Kaepernick, Ponder, or take a change on Locker/ Mallett).

WR- If the Vikings aren't looking to resign Sydney Rice, then a WR is a real possibility. Once again, there are two players that would be worth mention at the #12 spot (Julio Jones and AJ Green). Both of them are expected to be gone by #10, but if Julio falls here, the Vikings may take him.

CB- Partick Peterson will be gone by this point. Prince Amukamara will probably be gone, too. If Prince falls, he should get a heavy look here. Brandon Harris would be a reach here (trading down for him would be smarter). Jimmy Smith could be a reach here, but he's a better shut-down corner than Harris. Jimmy Smith does come with a little attitude baggage, so buyer beware.

S- Need but not an option at #12. Rahim Moore is the best of the bunch, but shouldn't be consider until MAYBE the late 1st.

OL- Mike Pouncey could be considered a reach here, but he would be a great upgrade over Anthony Herrera. There are no other interior O-linemen that should be considered here. As for OT, Tyron Smith could be selected here. He's raw, but may have the most upside for any of the 1st round Tackles. Nate Solder may get a glance here, as well. Solder is more of a prospect than Carimi or Costonzo, but his athleticism is the best of the bunch. He could be used at RT for the time being (putting him at the blind side at this point would be a mistake). The aforementioned Carimi and Costonzo are options, as well. They seem more NFL ready at this point than Solder/ Smith.

Front 7/ Edge Players- Ben Leber is a FA and the Vikings could use an improvement at LDE across from Jared Allen. Aldon Smith could be a player that could fill either role, although Cam Jordan may get a heftier look due to 4-3 DE role.

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