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who is the top qb in the drat

posted Jan 08, 2011 21:27:03 by NFLDraftfan
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matthew.inglese said Jan 25, 2011 17:40:10
Overall, I may say 'none of the above'. The top QB (for me) is NOT going to be the same as first few QBs taken. Each of the top QBs have some serious flaws that need to be addressed in order to succeed.

Blaine Gabbert: Great accuracy... when doing the dinks and dunks. Questions are there about his downfield accuracy. Also, has 'happy feet', a tendency to throw off-balance/ off his back foot, panics under a little bit of pressure, and seemingly only reads half of a field.

Jake Locker: Pocket accuracy is borderline poor. He's had high expectations, but has failed to deliver. He's athletic and has a good arm, but he doesn't fall into the mold of a pocket passer at all; regressed as a QB this year.

Ryan Mallett: Lack of mobility and poor decision-making at times (especially when under pressure) has already been well documented.

Cam Newton: One year wonder. Athletic and has an arm, but (when watching the NC) has shown inaccuracy. One-read QB: if it's not on first re, then tuck and run. If he does get hurt, he's still the same QB, but will avoid hits and take away his legs.

Christian Ponder: Injury prone. Arm-strength has been questioned. Underachieved this year (benched after poor start to Chik-fil-A Bowl).

Pat Devlin: Good performance in post-season play. How does he do against tougher competition? He apparently also has a tendency to hold the ball a little too long (timing issue). He's been compared to Joe Flacco (obvious since they're from the same school), but just shorter and with less of an arm.

To me, (almost by default) Colin Kaepernick (Nevada) is going to be the best QB of the bunch. He's taller, athletic, can run, and actually go through progressions. He may be the star of the class when all is said and done. Don't sleep on Andy Dalton, either. He's got the high football IQ that you want from a QB.
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JordanSoliwoda said Jan 26, 2011 09:10:12
i think the top QB for the draft has gotta be cam newton yeah sure he misses a couple of passes at times but he makes plays inside and outside the pocket good arm hes always on point with his passes and hes awareness is on point where hes goes that team is going all the way to top
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 03:03:01
I am not sure if Newton will be the best qb in this 2011 but I think he is the most athletic at least.
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