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What do you think of my 2011 NFL Mock Draft..

posted Jan 08, 2011 15:38:49 by
I do a lot of research to create my mock drafts... What do you think of my most recent one?
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danoooo1 said Jan 10, 2011 20:25:47
This is actually a question about your rankings...RB Jordan Todman certainly needs to be ranked in your top ten, should be in your top 5.

avatar said Jan 10, 2011 22:31:30

I think that Todman is a very good RB and he very well may be a top 10 RB in this years NFL Draft. However, RB is one of the toughest positions to rank as someone can go undrafted like Arian Foster and be a stud and then you can have a first round bust. So for the time being I will keep my rankings the same but I will watch some tape on Todman and check him out at the scouting combine and re-evaluate. Thank you for contacting me and keep the questions coming.

ajm53188 said Jan 17, 2011 04:12:22
Interesting selections but I think that Minnesota will go with an offensive lineman rather than Cam Newton. Cam is talented but the risks are just too high and the Vikings have Joe Webb who is the same type of QB. OT Carimi would be a solid choice. Wisconsin knows offensive line play and Carimi would be a good upgrade for the Viking line.
Hero said Jan 26, 2011 14:08:26
I don't want to seem too negative, but I am really not sure about your choices for the Rams.

We are in desperate need of 2 OLB's (Vorbora, Grant and Kehl clearly aren't able to get it done and Diggs is way old) and 2 OG's (Bell is hugely overpaid compared to his production and Goldberg got blown off the line by anyone who sneezed in his general direction). If we don't target help at OG and OLB until the 5th round, we had better be getting Logan Mankins, Davin Joseph, Rocky McIntosh and James Anderson in FA!

OLB and OG are arguably bigger needs than at WR when you consider that Mark Clayton and Donnie Avery should both be back next season. Neither is a number one WR, but coupled with Alexander, Amendola, Gibson and Mardy 'too dumb to learn the playbook' Gilyard, it looks a stronger corps than any combination we currently have at OLB and OG.

We also have to think about RDE and DT because Hall and Robbins will both be 34 next season. George Selvie and Eugene Sims looked okay in the rotation at RDE, but it is a long shot for them to fill the spot long term. I can perhaps see them pilfering the Giants and Eagles(yet again) to fill those needs (Barry Cofield and Mathias Kiwanuka (injury free) in my dreams), but that shouldn't be relied upon at this stage given the mess that is the CBA negotiations.

Also, if the Rams are going to go after a RB, it has to be a change of pace guy. Ryan Williams isn't that guy and we can wait until next year to get Steven Jackson's heir apparent. Jordan Todman would be nice if we do go after a change of pace/third down back.

Finally, I think the Rams gave their 5th rounder to the Ravens when they traded for Mark Clayton and the Ravens 6th rounder. It was conditional, but I think that is the done deal.

Only my 2 cents worth, and the overall mock I thought was good and I appreciate the knowledge you have of each francise and the time it must have taken to put together, but as a Rams fan, I really think it would be horrible for us from round 2 onwards.
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 03:00:09
Thank you for your feedback....I agree with your later round analysis but I think the need to get him a true #! In the first may not be the best need but I think they have to do it
discgolfur said Mar 23, 2011 15:48:17
Do you have updated position rankings? The date says Sept 10, 2010 and I believe it looking at the WR rankings. As an OSU fan, Posey should not be one of the top 10 WR.

Although, after the front page of the draft, they are all dated May 24th 2010. I know the first couple rounds are regularly updated, but I tend to not have faith that the later rounds have been updated.

Sorry- overall I love the analysis of the first round picks. Adjustments have been right on cue (like QBs moving into the top 5 and resulting ripple effect).
[Last edited Mar 23, 2011 16:03:14]
Ed said Mar 29, 2011 13:53:56
I think your choices for the Lions are a joke - CB is their number one need - BY FAR - and you don't address it at all in rounds 1 - 4 ???? Your have Greg Jones bing picked much earlier than anyone else.
lechlerfan said Apr 03, 2011 17:57:01
Um, you have no idea what you're talking about. Not only do you not have the Raiders addressing CB until the 7th, you don't have them taking an offensive lineman or linebacker at all. Do you really think they're going to spend most of their picks on the defensive line when they just resigned Seymour and Henderson, drafted Lamar Houston last year, and have Tommy Kelly coming off his best season? Not to mention that they love Matt Shaughnessy? They even have said several times that they like where Desmond Bryant is headed. I wouldn't be surprised if the Raiders didn't draft any D-linemen.

Worst of all, you have them taking Pat Devlin in the 3rd round and then you suggest that the Vikings will draft Devlin in the 5th. That's not even an opinion-type issue. It's not possible.
avatar said Apr 10, 2011 18:42:40
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moparmarz said Apr 16, 2011 18:59:16
I agree with Lechlerfan you haven't the slightest idea of what you are talking about. I mean Phil Taylor falling to#42 or #116 which is it and FYI the Chargers get NY 2nd not 3rd Liuget would be a terrible fit for the Jets Taylor would be the best fit,Houston at 23, Ayers at 21? really are you kidding me hes maybe a 30-50 not top 25,Herzlich at 50 nice story but big as well as very slow for a LB then you drop Sheard down to 97 when he is probably better than Houston dude get a clue, did you through darts at a board to come up with this a monkee can do a hell of a lot better
DougMeece said Apr 22, 2011 20:49:28
Why would you have Cincy taking QBs in the first tow rounds? No way that will happen. I do like the 4th round pick of Evan long as the Penn State curse stays away....
matthew.inglese said Apr 24, 2011 18:31:57
Well, this draft is kind of off for a couple of reasons. First of all, I'm going to treat this as a 2-round draft. The reason for that is because since I've been on the site, nothing starting with Round 3 has been updated, meaning that all post-season workouts, all-star games, and draft buzz has been ignored. There are several players in the late rounds that are picked multiple times (Phil Taylor and Pat Devlin were mentioned, I pointed out Stanley Havili a while ago, etc.). So, as a 2-round draft, this is still kind of meh.

1) You have a lot of picks that don't make sense. For example, Indy's prime needs involve O-Line to protect Manning. You have them choosing Steven Paea (a need pick) and then Aaron Williams. CB is going to be a need, but not as important as that O-Line.
It's been pointed out before, but the Steelers come in the same boat. Their biggest needs are OL and CB; you have them taking Gabe Carimi (great pick if it happens for them) followed by Torrey Smith (WR is not even close to a need).
You also have the Bears ignoring their OL needs (they need a DT, not a DE), the Packers ignoring their O-Line and lack of an outside rusher to play opposite Clay Matthews, and a few other picks that just make no sense.

2) You seem to have bad organization when it comes to drafting. There are several examples of teams in your mock fulfilling a need twice.
A) As Doug pointed out, you have Cincinnati selecting Blaine Gabbert in the 1st round as their QB of the future. That's fine. However, you also have Cincinnati selecting Colin Kaepernick in the 2nd round as the QB of the future. That would be fine had you not mocked Gabbert in the first.
B) Similar situation with Minnesota: You have them selecting a dropping Da'Quan Bowers to play opposite Jared Allen with their 1st round pick. That's followed up by the selection of Nick Perry to play opposite Jared Allen in the 2nd round.
C) You have the Cowboys selecting two tackles with their early round picks, ignoring their other needs: Tyron Smith (who's a project, but will go early due to his potential) and DeMarcus Love (who you have as a "good OT Run blocking Offensive Tackle", despite the fact that he's going to need to move to the guard position in the NFL since he can't handle a speed rush).

3) Speaking of Nick Perry, he's going to be going back to school, as pointed out on the Minnesota pick board. Same situation with Kenny Tate out of Maryland. It's been pointed out (several times) that he's going back to school, yet he's still a 2nd round pick here.

This mock does have some issues to work out. Sorry.
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