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posted Jan 08, 2011 15:42:01 by
Who will the Broncos take with the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft?
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avatar said Jan 10, 2011 02:57:47
This is an interesting spot but for the time being I think the Broncos take Patrick Peterson as he is such a versatile defensive back. He can be a cover corner and a return man.
CodyJacobKezama said Jan 10, 2011 19:17:30
it would be stupid if they didnt take peterson but i could go with A.j green or noel divine too.
avatar said Jan 10, 2011 22:36:52
I disagree with both of your second picks. First of all the Broncos have recently drafted Knowshon Moreno who still hasn't been listed as a bust and he should be the Running Back of the immediate future. Secondly, Noel Devine is a speed back who most likely would be used in the slot or as a speed back. Additionally they just drafted a WR in D. Thomas in the 2010 NFL Draft, Brandon Lloyd had a breakout season and Eddie Royal is still a good WR. I think that WR is probably their best overall position. So I think they take Peterson with this pick or potentially one of the stud D-Lineman if they fall in love with Fairley, Bowers, or Dareus.
CodyJacobKezama said Jan 12, 2011 04:09:44
This is true they do have a bunch of good receivers, but it would never hurt too have another. injurys happen alot and to have a one two punch with noel divine and moreno would be intense. A stud-D lineman would always be a good pick as well. With a number 2 pick you cant really go wrong, but they should defintly go Peterson becuase i cant see champ going for too much longer.
avatar said Jan 12, 2011 23:51:35
I agree that you cannot have too many good players at skilled positions. I also agree that they could use a quick RB like Devine. However, taking Devine in any of the first 2 rounds would be bad because he is not good enough to be drafted that high. While Green is good enough to get picked this high in the draft his need is so much less than nearly every other position so they should take a defensive lineman or D-back whatever they have ranked higher.
kvn32958 said Jan 14, 2011 00:35:14
Everyone seems to forget that that although the OL was not great it was not terrible either, next year they get their best guy back in Clady. This will help Tebow and Knowshon greatly. If Thomas can keep progressing into a dominate WR that he has the capability of being the the offense should be fine. Defense is certainly where they need to focus their attention. But most again forget that Elvis will be back rushing the QB. Question is will they stay with the 3-4 now that Fox is HC? I doubt it. Fox will want to bring in someone who reminds him of Peppers to destroy QBs.
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 03:42:32
They should take Peterson if he is there, but if John Fox has any say in who they take with this pick he will lobby for Bowers. Fox will look at Bowers and compare him to Julius Peppers. Do I think Bowers is as good as Peppers? Not even close, but the Broncos ranked in the bottom 5 in terms of sacks and rushing the qb and Fox always builds his defenses through the front 7 (Giants, Panthers...).
matthew.inglese said Feb 27, 2011 18:32:16
The Broncos could go a number of ways here:

1) Patrick Peterson- The re-signing of Champ Bailey is great news for the Broncos. However, Denver could still go with a corner to play opposite him. Parrish Cox is a great player, but his status is up in the air with the rape trial (March 7th is when the judge will announce whether or not there is enough evidence for charges to be pressed). Best case scenario for Broncos will be that Cox gets hit with a fine and 4 game suspension. The worst case would be a life sentence. Peterson could also help with the return game, but overall the Champ Bailey pick helps out.

2) Da'Quan Bowers- The Broncos are going to a 4-3 system with John Fox next year. If the Panthers don't select Bowers, then he'll get a hearty look here to go opposite a returning Elvis Dumervil.

3) Nick Fairley- May be the best player on the board if the Panthers go with Bowers. With Suh's success, don't be surprised to see Fairley go really early. In the same respect, Marcell Dareus may get a look here.

4) AJ Green- Yes, the Broncos drafted Bay Bay last year, but he suffered a torn Achilles tendon this off-season. AJ Green comes in as a dark-horse pick with that news. I don't think the Broncos will go in that direction and will go with one of the D-Linemen, but it's now a possibility.

Edit: 2 and a half months later, the possibilities that I wrote down are mostly the same. However, Marcel Dareus has moved up into the discussion and will most likely be the pick.

UPDATED- 4/27 list for Broncos:
1) Marcel Dareus- Broncos need help along the DLine with their transition back to a 4-3.
2) Patrick Peterson- Perrish Cox's status is still up in the air (unless I missed something) and Denver's pass defense is still bad. Peterson also helps in the return game.
3) Nick Fairley- Same reasoning as Dareus. I personally still like Fairley better, but Dareus won the head to head measurables at the Combine. I think that Dareus seems to be better at the plug in holes style where Fairley will be the Suh-ish disruption/ better stats.
4) AJ Green- Darkhorse pick still.
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