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posted Jan 08, 2011 15:39:49 by
Who will the Carolina Panthers take with the top pick in the 2011 NFL Draft?
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NFLDraftfan said Jan 08, 2011 16:08:42
I think that now that Luck is going pro that they have to take Green out of georgia
avatar said Jan 10, 2011 02:56:39
I think that AJ Green would be a good prospect but not the top overall need and not this highly rated of a position. I think Da'Quan Bowers would be a much better prospect and he also would be someone that hopefully could be the new Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers.
matthew.inglese said Jan 15, 2011 01:27:15
With this pick, the Panthers really have 3 options:

1) A.J. Green: The Panthers need a play-maker to complement/ replace Steve Smith and to give Jimmy Clausen (or a FA pick-up) some sort of aerial weapon.

2) Da'Quan Bowers: Julius Peppers worked out well for the Panthers before, so why not go for somebody with the same role? He can get after the quarterback, which is always a plus for the NFL.

3) Nick Fairley: Bad reputation, but nobody can deny his talent and presence. He may be the best player in the draft.

Overall, this one may very well come down to which of the D-Linemen has the better day at the Combine. A.J. Green is mentioned in the same breath as Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, but with good reason. I just think that the D-Line is a better place to draft at the #1 spot.

I think that Nick Fairley will be the #1 pick here. His NC performance just made him look unstoppable. Plus, we are dealing with a copycat league here... the early success of Ndamukong Suh will only help Fairley's cause.
davethepanther19 said Jan 16, 2011 08:05:49
I think Carolina is going trade down if possible. Gettis and LaFell did well for rookies and A. Edwards in the mix with Steve Smith. Overloading the WR Corp is a waste of a pick. Green maybe a all pro one day but I believe both Gettis and LaFell are our future.

That takes us to Fairley. If his biggest downfall is that he gets a penalty for rough play. OH WELL. We will resign Charles Johnson. Johnson along with Hardy and E. Brown at DE will greatly reap the benefits of an animal in the middle. I believe if Fairley has a good combine. He will be our #1 pick.

I would rather trade down and get a second rounder back but the chances are slim someone is going to trade up with us.
JordanSoliwoda said Jan 24, 2011 08:31:26
the panthers should take nick fairley because not only does he has nfl talent i see him doin very at carlolina and plus he had an outstanding season at auburn i see him having no problem starting in 2011 nfl season
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 02:29:42
I agree that he is one of the top players but I still don't think he is a shoe in and I think we will know more after the scouting combine
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 03:28:45
Taking Fairley or Bowers is a huge mistake with the top pick. Fairley and Bowers are talented, but also one year wonders. Before this year Bowers was a nobody with really bad tape on him. Fairley had only 3.5 sacks the year before and was in junior college the year before that. Suh vs. Fairley is not even close. Suh was consistently good his junior and senior year wheras Fairley was good for one year. Plus Marty Hurney is a guy that drafts BPA, not for need. The no brainer to me for the Panthers is Patrick Peterson. Lockdown corners are becoming a hot commodity in the NFL and Peterson is in line to be the next great db. Plus their is no guarantee richard marshall will be back next season and is captain munnerlyn really a viable option opposite Gamble? No which is why Peterson fits in with Rivera's plans for this defense. They have the top pick in every round except the second. The d-line does not have to be adressed with the top pick when Peterson is the best player available.
CodyBurgwald said Mar 11, 2011 00:23:07
The Panthers are hurt everywhere. So many people are saying they are taking a QB. While others say take the DE/DT, you saw what Suh did last year, just duplicate that. Bottom line for it all comes down to is they are screwed up in a lot of places.

I personally dont think they gave Clausen enough of a chance. Yeah he obviously had a rough year since the team is on the bottom, but I think that was just the rookie jitters. Give the kid another year and see if he hasn't gotten better. Once that's done I think the smart move is to take the best player in the draft. Take Paterick Peterson. Everyone says they haven't seen a corner that good since Rod Woodson. I think it would be stupid for them to pass up Peterson for anything else that is a would be or could be.
JordanSoliwoda said Mar 14, 2011 07:42:01
yeah that is true that they need a QB but when time comes to make 1st overall pick they should pick DT like fairley regardless of his combine performance. They can always pick a QB during the second round but they don't want to miss out on DT like fairley.
NFLDraftfan said Mar 14, 2011 12:24:19
Fairley isn't even the best defensive tackle in the draft
matthew.inglese said Apr 28, 2011 16:51:11
There's a big difference between what I think the Panthers WILL do and what they SHOULD do. I think that Cam Newton will be the pick for the Panthers tonight. I do think that this is a mistake, since A) the Panthers will have no help around him (their O-Line was bad last year, Williams got injured, and their receiving core couldn't catch a virus running around naked in a quarantined area while drinking all test tubes and beakers in sight) and B) they just used a high round pick on Jimmy Clausen last year. It looks like the front office has already deemed him a bust after a few games, so Cam Newton's probably going to be the pick.... unless their just dangling him as trade bait.

The thing that would make MOST sense would be to trade down and accumulate picks. It doesn't help that a 2-14 team doesn't even have the luxury of a 2nd round pick as of right now. If they can't make a trade, they still have several options:
A) A.J. Green- WR/ Georgia: The Panthers could use a true #1 guy, with Steve Smith seemingly on his way out. The Panthers do have a few young guys that look good in LaFell and Gettis, but somebody like Green could be a game-changer in a short time and could really help Clausen or whoever they go with at QB.
B) Patrick Peterson- CB/ LSU: On a team that has too many needs to count, Peterson would make some deal of sense. He may be the most talented player in the draft and can make an additional impact on the return game.
C) Marcel Dareus- DT/ Alabama: His name has become a hot topic since the Combine and has shot up the boards. Carolina needs help on the defensive line and Dareus is (arguably) the best.
D) Nick Fairley- DT/ Auburn: This would be my pick, but according to sources has no chance of happening (the aforementioned 4 players are the ones being considered). Fairley, when at full speed has shown to be dominant and nearly-unstoppable.

As an extra note, even though Fairley lost the head to head to Dareus at the Combine, I'm still putting my money on Fairley in the long-run. From what I've seen/ heard, this is the way it seems:
Fairley is more of a disruptive force that will get in the backfield more consistently and will put up better numbers. Dareus is a great player, but is more apt to be in more of a space-eater type role; he'll still contribute, even though the numbers won't support that. In Fairley, we DO get a 'one-year wonder', but in Dareus, we get primarily a one-year starter. We'll leave it at that. :)
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