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Buffalo Bills pick

posted Jan 08, 2011 16:27:04 by NFLDraftfan
Will they take a qb? Defensive end/tackle...or something else?
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Obournp said Jan 08, 2011 16:48:31
I have been a Bills fan my whole life, and I have watched them make mistakes in the draft year after year after year (at least in the last decade). Even in the 2009 draft, which was probably their best in the last 10 years (Wood, Levitre, Byrd) they passed on Brian Orakpo and took Aaron Maybin. We've seen how that has worked out for their pass rush, which is non-existent.
There is no doubt in my mind that we need to draft a disruptive game changing defensive end and Da'quan Bowers would be perfect. Look at the way that guys like Dwight Freeny, Julius Peppers, and Mario Williams can affect a game.
Our defense is clearly terrible and although this will not instantly fix everything, with the outstanding play of DT Kyle Williams and the addition of a guy like Bowers the Bills will make a huge stride in the right direction.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 08, 2011 16:51:29
I agree that Bowers is the best player to fit the Bills scheme....the only thing is I don't know if he will be available...another option I see for them is Rober QUINN out of North Carolina as he is also a very disruptive pass rusher.
Obournp said Jan 08, 2011 17:30:14
Valid point. I would be happy with Quinn also. I guess if Bowers isn't there than the argument becomes, is it more valuble to take Quinn who isnt really a 3rd overall pick type quality player or trade down for more picks? There are going to be some teams that need a QB more desperately than the Bills do right now. Could find somebody that wants to trade up for Gabbert.
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 07:34:47
I really like the Nick Fairley pick. Especially if in the proper scheme, he could easily be SUH-lite
Obournp said Jan 12, 2011 15:57:57
You know after watching Fairley in the national championship I am really tempted to see what he can do to our D-line. The only concerns I have are his attitude. He clearly is a dirty player, that was obvious if you watched the national championship. I am concerned about how a guy who has been playing in the south on a very successful team is going to respond to coming up to Buffalo and playing in cold weather on a team, who lets face it, is going to face a lot of adversity in the near future. I think it is key that we draft a kid who is mature enough to be able to deal with the struggles the Bills are sure to face. The thing that comes to mind is the fact that our best defensive player right now is Kyle Williams who was unbelievable this season. Having said all that, if our coaching staff is able to deal with Fairley; and he can adjust to possibly playing DE in our 3-4 than I would be all for him on our team. He can clearly be a difference maker in the right situation.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 12, 2011 18:52:42
I can't disagree with that. I say if Bowers goes first the best two options would be Fairley and Quinn....depending on how Quinn works out I think he would fill a more pressing need.
NFLDraftfan said Jan 15, 2011 20:18:35
I think what everyone is saying as far as Fairley going first overall is good for the Bills....this would mean hopefully the Broncos take Peterson and then thr Bills will have their shot at Bowers or Quinn whoever they prefer as a rush LB
Obournp said Jan 15, 2011 21:08:30
At this point it does look like Fairley will be going to Carolina. Which you could argue is good for the Bills, and is something I would have been excited about a week ago. I haven't been real anxious to get Fairley but now that the Bills are talking to Dave Wannstedt it looks like there is a real possibility that they will go back to a 4-3. Can you imagine Williams and Fairley in the middle of our D? Wow. Oh well I guess. The only problem now is that a lot of people are saying that Denver will take Bowers. That leaves us with the two next best players in the draft being a corner and a receiver. Leaving us screwed! If Bowers and Fairley go one and two I think we've got to trade down and increase number of picks. That is our best chance at rebuilding. Also don't forget that we have Troupe from last years draft who we could hopefully use in a 4-3. Bottom line is that the Bills are in a huge hole and its going to time to dig out.
Doug Mack said Jan 21, 2011 17:12:56
I'm pretty sure Robert Quinn is a much better pass rusher than Bowers...
1. Quinn ran a 4.38 40 yard dash. At 6'4" 265, that's incredible.
2. Quinn had 11 sacks as a sophomore. Bowers went against the same competition in the ACC--what were his numbers again?
3. I watched a bunch of Bowers, many times he squares off against the Right Tackle. You want your best pass rusher being able to blow by the left tackle (which is generally the best lineman on a team).
4. Many of Bowers plays and sacks were either coverage sacks or someone running into him. Many weren't because of his dominance up front. He got man-handled quite a bit. That's a red flag for a potential bust. If college lineman can square up with you, what's going to happen in the NFL?
5. Bowers in no Dwight Freeney. With the #3 pick, he'd have to be.
6. Quinn is a replica of terrell Suggs. This is exactly what Buffalo needs. A pure speed pass rusher that can be disruptive, get to the quarterback and make other teams game plan against him. his frees up a lot of other players and allows our defense to do more things ---think Suggs and Clay Matthews. That's the type of game changer Quinn is.
7. By all accounts, Quinn is a humble, good-natured kid. He messed up with the agent thing. That was it. He is not threatening people with guns. He is no an a-hole. The red flag is that people are talking about is garbage.
8. Don't believe anything I say, google it.

Buffalo should select ROBERT QUINN AT 3
NFLDraftfan said Feb 01, 2011 02:00:18
Doug I don't disagree that Quinn may be faster and a better pass rusher. The thing that hurts him is that he sat out the entire year....additionally if he runs a 4.3anything then I would be surprised if he didn't go first overall....your thoughts
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 03:52:50
I think Quinn is too high for the Bills to take with the 3rd pick. Unless he tears it up at the combine he might even fall to the bills with their 2nd round pick. Not a knock on his talent, but his character might come into question for teams picking in the first round. I think he is a good kid all around, but he will have to prove that to his doubters. A lot of recent mocks have the bills taking Von Miller and I could not disagree more. They have a lot invested in Merriman and Maybin and they have far too many other areas to address atm. I think if Nick Fairley were to fall to them they would probably take him, but they could go in a multitude of directions with this pick. The fact that they took CJ Spiller with two quality rbs already on their roster shows they will probably take whoever they think is the best player available or most valuable at their pick.
Chris said Feb 21, 2011 04:20:20
Ok. I can see the bills taking a dl with this pick IF they go back to a 4-3. If not then they should take AJ Green. Think about it. Look at teams that run a great 3-4. Do the steelers, ravens or packers have a great pass rushing de? Would you take a chance on a guy who hasn't played in a year and HOPE that he can transition to olb? And finally, would you trade larry fitzgerald for terrell suggs? Besides Steve Johnson the bills don't have a wr that's gonna scare anyone. Pick Green and get some d help with free agency and later draft picks. We did take a dt and a de that fit the 3-4 with our 2nd and 3rd rd picks last year.
Obournp said Feb 21, 2011 04:51:25
It is tempting to imagine what AJ Green could do on the field for the Bills but a WR is like a nice cherry you add on top of a beautiful well developed offense, someone you draft when you have an established O-line and a proven QB, neither of which the Bills possess. We took the best available player in last years draft who had a lot of exciting potential and he did absolutely nothing for us. The reason being that when you can't stop the run on defense (keeping your offense on the sidelines), you can't keep the opposing team out of your backfield, and you turn the ball over multiple times a game, a WR is not going to make any difference. The great teams in this league have star players in the trenches; something we desperately need.
Obournp said Feb 21, 2011 04:53:51
That is the problem with the Bills. Every year we take a skill position player and expect him to be a difference maker. What we need to do is slowly draft solid lineman and linebackers. Players that may not look pretty on highlight reels, but who win you championships.
Chris said Feb 21, 2011 07:24:54
I agree with building up the lines on both sides of the ball. I'd like to give carrington and troupe a chance to play though. With dwan edwards and williams I think the d-line could be solid. I know we desperately need an olb or two and haven't had an o-line since will wolford and howard ballard packed their bags. But there isn't a big star ot and I think quinn is too big of a risk at 3. I don't want to compare picking green with the spiller pick because they actually need a wr. The spiller pick still doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway I just hope we get a pro bowl caliber player with this pick whatever position it is. War Bills!
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