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posted Jan 08, 2011 17:01:22 by
Cincinnati Bengals: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn ? Who do you want the Bengals to pick?
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avatar said Jan 10, 2011 02:58:44
I think the Bengals go after one of the top CB's or AJ Green to help Carson Palmer and get rid of some of the drama in Cincy.
kvn32958 said Jan 12, 2011 07:48:49
I love A.J. Green (I just wish my Rams would not have overachieved and won their way out of being able to pick him. Although I dont think Lewis will take a player that will take 1-3 years to develope (which WRs usually do) when there are other much needed areas. I think they take Dareus or Heyward.
matthew.inglese said Jan 28, 2011 17:21:04
This pick has gotten interesting in the last few days with the Carson Palmer ultimatum. I think that the Bengals go one of two ways:

1) Blaine Gabbert- The Bengals need to look at the QB position, especially if Palmer does follow through with his retirement threat. You may think that Gabbert is over-rated here, but he's (almost by default) the highest rated QB prospect.

2) AJ Green- Also potentially leaving the Bengals are both Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho-Johnson. This leaves a HUGE need at the WR. A.J. Green should make an immediate impact on the team and will make a nice 1-2 punch with Jordan Shipley. @kvn, I understand the mentality about WR usually needing time to develop, but A.J. is in a class by himself in this class and is easily comparable to such highly praised draftees as Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson.

Of course, the Bengals COULD just draft a defensive player to help give depth (injuries killed their defense last year).
avatar said Jan 29, 2011 02:03:57
I agree that this could happen. However, I don't think if the Bengals looked to trade Carson Palmer they would get enough value to take a QB with the pick they trade for him. The problem pretty much is they won't get enough to get a QB as good as Palmer. I say the best bet for them is to hold onto him and like you said surround him with weapons like AJ Green and hope Chad OchoJohnson stays. This is going to be very interesting pick especially because it is so high in the first round.
matthew.inglese said Jan 29, 2011 13:30:06
If surrounding Palmer was the answer, then A.J. would be the pick. However, based upon what I've heard about Carson Palmer, he's played his last down as a Bengal. I could see him easily following through with his retirement threat (a la Jake Plummer), unless he is traded. Mike Brown has been put on record saying that he's not going to trade Palmer (whether out of stubbornness or trying to call a bluff). At this point, you have to hope that the situation is dealt with (retirement, trade, or backed off threat) before the draft. Until then, you have to assume that Palmer is as good as gone.

The best thing for the Bengals to do would be to trade Palmer (so they can have SOMETHING in return), bring in a veteran for the short term and also draft an early round QB (1st or 2nd) to develop. Right now, their QBs on the roster are Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour, who have a combined 4 years of experience and 15 pass attempts.

The way this off-season is going, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bengals get the #1 pick next year (if there is a 2011 season).
CharlesJohannes said Feb 02, 2011 04:01:09
Due to the restrictions the cba holds over teams regarding trades involving players, Carson Palmer will most likely not be dealt. With the loss of their most productive Wr last year in T.O. and the inconsistency and possible departure of Ochocinco this pick should be A.J. Green. Green is a humble kid who will fit well with Carson. Shipley had a great year last year but he will struggle if he has to bear the weight of being the number two option next to Chad. I wouldn't be surprised if they went defensive line here either though. They were bottom 3 in sacks and their secondary stuggled because of it. Unless Bowers or Fairley fall to them no doubt this pick should be A.J. Green.
matthew.inglese said Feb 10, 2011 14:56:47
I'll agree that WR would be a god pick-up here in Green, but you can't assume that Palmer will be back. He's looking for either a trade, waive, or retirement. He's done in Cincinnati (selling his house included) and will probably wind up retiring if there is a season this year (taking the Jake Plummer route). The Bengals are going to be a complete mess on offense next year by possibly losing: QB Carson Palmer (retirement), WR Terrell Owens (FA), WR Chad Johnson (at odds with coach; may be a roster cut), and RB Cedric Benson (FA). The Bengals defense was horrible last year, partially because of a laundry list of injuries.

All this is a round-a-bout way of saying, don't make this pick with the 'this guy would fit great with Palmer' argument, because Palmer's as good as gone.
GordonEugeneBrown said Feb 13, 2011 05:27:38
Assuming Nick Fairley is gone before we're up and with Patrick Peterson saying he WON'T consider a switch to safety at the next level, Green is pretty much a no-brainer, regardless of who's under center for the Bengals this upcoming season.
avatar said Feb 13, 2011 15:49:40
I don't necessarily disagree with you with AJ Greens talent. However, I wouldn't rule out a good interior player like Marcel Dareus or if they are looking to switch to 3-4 a stud outside linebacker like Von Miller.
GradyR.HartII said Mar 03, 2011 21:23:43
Ok heres my opinion... With the eventual loss of Carson Palmer whom in my eyes hasn't been the same since his injury in '08. that being said I really don't see Cincinnati taking a WR or CB with the #4 pick. I see Cinci takin a QB and possibly Ryan Mallett bc of his rocket arm, and with the help of coaching could be one of the greatest QB's of all time.
kvn32958 said Mar 05, 2011 22:59:43
Here is a 3way trade that could work out for everyone. Rams give Jackson and a 3rd to the Bengals for their 1st. Bengals give the Titans Palmer and their 3rd(or 2nd) for Titans 1st pick.

Rams - Get an extra 1st (to draft AJ Green or Juilo Jones) / lose Jackson and 3rd (then pick up Deangelo Williams from FA)

Bengals - Get Jackson and swap 1st with Titans / lose Palmer and 3rd (or 2nd)

Titans - Get Palmer and 3rd / lose 1st

Then Bengals use 1st pick to possibly still get Juilo Jones, grab someone like a Matt Flynn, and still be able to take a promising young QB in the 3rd or even 2nd round if they feel the need. However If were them I would go, Green/Jones in 1st round and Kyle Rudolph in the 2nd. Then they could run 2 TE sets with Grisham/Rudolph Juilo Jones on one side and Shipley on the other with Jackson blasting up the gut.

GordonEugeneBrown said Mar 06, 2011 08:00:49
With our pick at #4 changing from AJ Green to Cam Newton what was already a horrendous mock for the Bengals has descended into a nightmare. Now, granted, with Mike Brown at the helm, nightmares aren't exactly uncommon but if we're actually attempting to address needs...?

Our QB situation is obviously up in the air right now so Cam Newton, who has undoubtedly the most upside, is an option at #4 but only if the new CBA has been signed and we've managed to move Carson for another first round pick- i.e., to Seattle and a reunion with Pete Carroll. If that's the case, I suspect we'll also move Chad to either NE or the Jets for a third rounder. Then and only then could I see us drafting Newton at #4, followed by a Danny Watkins, my personal favorite, Justin Houston, or a Torrey Smith at #25. If we go WR at #25, then #35 has to be either our biggest need, OG- a Marcus Cannon, Ben Ijalana, or should he fall, Watkins, or Marvin Austin, followed by a SS at the top of the third. DeAndre McDaniel, Chris Culliver, maybe Ahmad Black, or a dark horse like Shiloh Keo might be in play and, if Austin turns out to be our pick at #35, a Clint Boling, John Moffitt, or Marcus Cannon later in the round.

Pieces that we might like to pick up later on:

Joseph Barksdale, Kelvin Sheppard, Greg Little, Bilal Powell, Alex Henery, Derrick Locke, Terrell McClain, Bruce Carter, Delone Carter...

Notice nowhere on that list do you see the names, Jarvis Jenkins, Ronald Johnson, Evan Royster, Saia Falahola, or, even, Martez Wilson- though I understand he can also play outside so it's not completely outside the realm of possibility. Notice also that on that list- plus Derrick Locke, there is no OG or even a OT/OG and no SS. Thank you.
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